About Us


Started in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, Spenco is an innovative healthcare company whose mission is to help people everywhere achieve more comfortably. While Spenco's core business revolves around producing high quality insole and foot care products, Spenco also provides the most advanced sports medicine and first aid products. Above all else, quality products and customer service are Spenco's focus. We are 100% committed to exceeding your expectations in products and service as you find solutions for your health and foot-care needs. Today, over 50 years later, Spenco is part of Implus LLC, a dynamic company that has focuses on active lifestyle accessories for both foot-care and fitness. Spenco is currently sold in over 84 countries around the world. "When you feel better, your life is better. Life in your shoes is certainly better!" 


If you have ever had sore, tired feet, a blister, or a pressure sore, you will understand that we mean it when we say that you will "Feel Better" when you use Spenco® Products. 


Our foot-care business uses the Total Support® Insole Shape Technology in its cutting edge lines of insoles and ancillary products.  


Through our brand Spenco TS, the Total Support® Shape is exclusively used in all foot-beds, and it is truly The Shape That Feels Great®.The patented design, shape, and technology of these proprietary insoles and foot-beds are perhaps the most medically researched, scientifically developed, engineered, and bio mechanically correct platforms available. They are then meticulously crafted, distributed and serviced.  


Our healthcare products provide an almost immediate "Feel Better" relief from pressure.  


The umbrella under which Spenco operates is one of Quality, Service, and Fair Dealings. These cornerstones guide our way of believing and this umbrella protects our way of thinking. We are passionate about quality, service and fair dealings. These ideals refer specifically to how our corporation relates to our customers, our vendors, our shareholders and our employees. Generally speaking, we hope you feel fortunate to be part of our Spenco Family. We strive to honor the diverse needs of all in our daily actions and we look forward to expanding our relationship with you.

If you would prefer to order product or request information via our customer service department, contact Spenco Canada at 1-800-387-9538 Ext. 6011, or 905-858-3565 Ext.6011 or e-mail us at caorders@4implus.com